Middlesex University Campus Map

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As a followup to last week’s post about university campus maps in London, my attention was drawn to the Middlesex University campus map which I had overlooked.

This was unfortunate, as it is far and away the best London university campus map I’ve seen. It’s in 2D, and uses a little bit of 3D to emphasise the key building, without overusing the effect. It ticks all the boxes for good design – particularly, it’s a good use of a select set of colours, which don’t overwhelm the map, Arrows discretely show access points, the main one shown with a slightly larger arrow. Trees are shown as an attractive blend of translucent circles. The symbols are well thought out, and include the “official” tube, train and cycle logos.

Extract of the map which is “Redrawn from Ordnance Survey with permission of HMSO © Crown Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. London Borough of Barnet 100017674. Cartography by Steer Davies Gleave 2011.”

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