Mapping From Hell: Pt1


The epic graphic novel entitled “From Hell” is summarised in the following way:

“An unflinching recreation of Jack the Ripper’s mutilation of five Whitechapel prostitutes in 1888 is the core of this graphic novel. Jack acts as “midwife to the 20th century”, delivering the next 100 years of Holocaust, serial killing and media rapaciousness as he extracts his last victim’s heart.”

If reading it isn’t harrowing enough, you can now follow in Jack the Ripper’s footprints thanks to Martin Zaltz-Austwick and Stephan Hugel (two of our colleagues at CASA) who walked one of the routes described in the book and produced the map above. Martin describes the expedition “as a cross between Iain Sinclair and Sir Clive Sinclair”….

It is all part of the UCL Festival of the Arts – an event we would really recommend.


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