TrainTrackr Individual Lines

We featured TrainTracker, a live circuit board map of where the trains are on the London Underground – with lights representing the train locations – back in 2020. Now, the organisation has taken the concept onwards and produced individual circuit boards for some of the key tube lines in London.

& they are rather nice.

If, like most tube commuters, a single line dominates your travel life, then getting your line – in glowing circuit board form, might just be the best way to know whether it’s going to a trying commute or whether everything is running super smoothly.

So far, the team have produced versions for the District line, Central line and Northern line. The District line one uses well over 200 green LEDs, representing train movements at and between stations, in both directions, for all six branches of this complex line.

Mapping London these days is based up the Metropolitan line, so eagerly looks forward to a circuit board with an array of violet LEDs appearing in due course. Mind you, the platform information displays generally don’t have a clue what’s going on with the trains, so it might be more of a challenge getting good data for this line in particular…

You can see the full range of London transport related map circuit boards on the TrainTrackr website.

Photos courtesy of the TrainTracker website.

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