Green London Map

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This map is produced by The Green Traveller in collaboration with Visit England and the Green Tourism Business Scheme, and presents an idyllic view of London – where its parks are the most prominent features. Roads are shown as narrow lines, red London buses and Barclays Cycle Hire bikes adorn the streets, there is not a car or taxi (or white van) in sight. There’s even a (possibly relocated due to the Olympics) swan on the Serpentine. A welcome step away from the concrete and tarmac, cycle-baiting reality. The map’s pins highlight a number of commercial organisations (hotels, restaurants etc) with a green persuasion – the accompanying text for each details their eco-credentials.

You can download the map here.

The extract is from the map which contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010. The map itself was produced in early 2011.

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