Typographic Streets

It seems there is no escaping typographic maps of London, the idea has really taken off over the past couple of years. Axis Maps have been making typographic maps of other cities for a while now and they have finally created one for London. The name of each road has been repeated along its length to build up the street geometry and the big features such as Hyde Park and the River Thames have had their names packed multiple times into their boundaries to make a great textured effect.

We really like the way the fonts have been carefully chosen to match the features on the map and the muted colour scheme. A lot of typographic maps lack detail (they often go for big blocky fonts covering fairly large areas) so it is nice to see so much included in these. The quality of the map is great and it comes crisply printed on semi-gloss paper ready for framing. At £24 (plus postage) I think they are amongst the best value “art” maps of London I have seen. Click here to find out more. 


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