The Great Inflow – Where the Commuters Go


This data map, from UCL CASA‘s own Ed Manley, shows the top destination station, for each starting station, in and around London. The graphic is for the morning rush-hour period and is based entirely on Oyster card data on journeys on the London Underground and Oyster-accepting rail networks.

Ed goes into detail about the map on the Urban Movements blog, which also includes a larger version of the graphic extending to cover the whole of London – the version here is slightly cropped to focus on Zones 1-4. In the full version, further major destinations appear, including, interestingly, Uxbridge. The map was produced using Gephi.

We’ve featured another map from Ed, of minicab journey commonalities, previously.

Thanks to Ed (@EdThink) for allowing the graphic to be reproduced. It is an aggregation of data that is © Transport for London.


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