City of Westminster – A Hand-Drawn Map Print


City of Westminster is the first in a series of hand-made maps of London Boroughs that Lovely Jojo has drawn. The black-and-white, text-heavy style, full of commentary as well as placenames, reminded me at first of Stephen Walter’s maps, however on looking closer, the style is quite different, with an alternative interpretation of each object and place. The styling is not quite as intense, giving the map space to “breathe” while still featuring a huge number of vignettes across the borough.

Lovely Jojo has produced a limited number of prints of the City of Westminster map, on fine art paper, which can be purchased from her online shop.

The artist has plans to map the other boroughs but she acknowledges it will take quite some time. Her Twitter feeds hints at a Hackney map on the way. I look forward to my own borough appearing!

Thanks to Lovely Jojo for sending a review copy, which is photographed here.


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