A Food Typographic Map


This work, by Curious Maps, is a typographical map of London, with each area replaced with words representing a (stereo)typical dish for that area. My initial reaction on hearing of the idea was that surely there weren’t that many such location-specific dishes, apart from the obvious – Brick Lane curries/salt beef, Whitechapel’s jellied eels. The map has done well though to fill the London area with food, with doner kebabs up the A10, and distinctly rural sounding meals on the urban fringe – although you might not agree with the food for your local area! I particularly like the “club sandwich” for the City, while the Mapping London offices are surrounded by “Beer” and “Pizza” which is pretty accurate actually. Notice the Thames is the one natural geographical feature that still appears in this map entirely composed of text. The Thames should indeed appear in all London maps!

There are other food maps on the publisher’s website, including one for Great Britain.

Thanks to Jeremy Cope of CuriousMaps for sending us a review copy.



  1. We must ask Ursula Hitz to do a food typographic map like the one above! It would be an amazing add on to her exquisite typographic maps of London.

  2. At least Jellied Eels in the east end is accurate… try Manze’s if you haven’t had this London delicacy or at least traditional Victorian food.

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