The Big Egg Hunt Maps


I somehow missed, until now, this set of oblique-projected maps of popular parts of central London (thanks Chris Pearson for the tip!) They were produced for the Big Easter Egg Hunt in April last year. Each of the maps were of areas where FabergĂ© eggs were “hidden”. Most of the 12 maps were of small areas, so you didn’t have to explore a huge area in order to discover the eggs. However the Canary Wharf map, featured above, covers a much bigger area. (I’ve also included a bit of the City map, below.

They might not be the easiest maps to use for regular navigation, but the style is attractive, with a nice pastel colour-set, and the oblique projection gives them a different feel to both the top-down (paper-map style) and isometric (SimCity style) maps which are more common.

You can see all the maps here although unfortunately the mobile version of the website doesn’t display the list of maps, and, we found, persists even when you pass your mobile browser as a desktop one! So, one to view on a regular computer.

What I would love is this style of map covering the whole of central London.



    1. These kinds of things tend to be marketing campaigns, so they are normally one-off (at least, in each city) to maximise novelty and so media interest. So, I suspect probably not, but fingers crossed…

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