Let’s Do London

After nearly a year and a half when much of London has been staying away from its central business district, there’s a big push to get people back into the middle of town. The Mayor of London and Visit London have this week launched Let’s Do London, a drive aimed at families to get them visiting central London attractions. With this in mind, an official tube-based map (endorsed by TfL) of central London has been produced. As well as showing most of the familiar tube map in central London (although where’s the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines gone? No kids in NW London?) it highlights certain seasonal kid-friendly activities, such as Tate Play at the Tate Modern, and the London Transport Museum. There are also various trees with eyes attached, on the map – they look vaguely sinister but are actually giving clues to the locations of various giant inflatable eyeballs that have been placed in real trees on the ground.

There’s a pretty big error on the map – the Somerset House dodgems have been moved up to approximately Farringdon – quite a long way from Temple which is actually the closest tube station. But you were hopefully not going to be using this map for navigation anyway!

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