Winding Streets


Here’s an attractive map commissioned by The Watch Gallery to highlight some of the key places in London, in the development of timekeeping. From the Old Observatory at Greenwich, to Big Ben, there are many horologically significant places featured here, including some recent location such as the Swiss clock installed in Borough Market to commemorate the Swiss pavilion for the Olympic Games in 2012. The map is appropriately called Winding Streets.

It’s nice to see a dedicated map like this, rather than a common (but lazy) way of mapping a particular topic by sticking pins on the default render of Google Maps. A particularly nice touch is the treatment of the parks in a watercolour style, and little features drawn in with a pen stroke, such as Westminster Bridge and fish in the River Thames. Not too much to overwhelm and distract, just the right amount to add character to a map that is telling a story.

See a zoomable version of the map here.


Thanks to The Watch Gallery for the heads-up.

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