Dear Data – My London


This is one of the many data visualisation and design postcards that Stefanie Posavec and Georgia Lupi sent each other of the course of a year. It’s a personal map of Stefanie’s London history – where she lived, studied and worked, her main commute and other routes. Everyone living in London will build up a map like this – in their head. Stefanie drew hers.

Stefanie is giving a talk about the Dear Data project that she and Georgia created, at the St Bride Foundation on Fleet Street on 26 April. See here for more information about the talk.

Copyright Stefanie Posavec. Many thanks to the St Bride’s Foundation for inviting me to the talk.

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  1. This was far and away the most interesting project in the recent ‘Big Bang Data’ exhibition. A pity I can’t make the talk.

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