Clapham Culture Map


Here’s a great new mural that’s has just been unveiled in Clapham, where it appears on the side of a wall. The Clapham Cultural Map was drawn by Jenni Sparks (we featured her map of London a few years ago and was commissioned by This is Clapham, the Business Improvement District corporation for the area.

The map follows Jenni’s signature style of black-and-white building outlines set isometrically, with places of interest appearing coloured in. Clapham’s famous common adds a large splash of green to the map, drawing the eye in. The blue plaque also add historical interest:


Here is a pic of the map in situ:


You can see more pics of the map on the artist’s portfolio page.

Via Twitter. Top two photos by Jenni Sparks, bottom photo by Cllr Wellbelove on Twitter. The work is copyright Jenni Sparks.

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