Katherine Baxter Maps

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The artist Katherine Baxter, who specialises in hand-drawn isometric generalised maps, particular of cities, has a solo exhibition “Mapmaker”, at the Coninsgby Gallery in Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia. The gallery is open from 9-6pm from Monday to Friday, and the exhibition is showing until 25 July.

We’ve featured one of Katherine’s maps before – this map of the London 2012 Olympic venues which was a commission for LondonTown.

Katherine’s illustration style is not just limited to maps – in fact her first commision was for a children’s book – but the geometric style lends itself well to creating information-rich graphics such as maps.

See also this impressive video of the creation of a map of the procession for the Royal Wedding of 2011 (the finished work is below), it is three days of hand-drawing a map condensed to just three minutes. It makes you realise just how many strokes of the artist’s pen are needed to create an artwork/map of this detail and intricacy:

Her full portfolio is on her website.

More details about the solo exhibition.


Thank you to Katherine for the invitation to her exhibition launch. The images here are from her website portfolio.

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