Craft Breweries of London


Blue Crow Media, who have previously produced pocket-size maps, that we’ve reviewed, of artisan coffee houses, craft beer pubs and independent bicycle shops, have been keeping busy with their cartographical delights of London.

Their latest creation is this rather attractive poster, showing the locations of the craft breweries that now pepper Inner London’s cooler neighbourhoods, stretching from Wimbledon to Woodford Green and including some of my favourites – London Fields, who produce their crisp lagers underneath the railway arches of the Liverpool Street to Cambridge line, Crate in Hackney Wick, who are very much a bar as well as brewery, and Beavertown, considered by some to produce the purest craft beers, who have just moved to Tottenham Hale and are opening up a Tap Bar there on Saturdays, from next month. The map is right up to date, featuring several breweries that have opened up only a few months ago.

Blue Crow Media have been refining their cartography, style and colours for this latest poster. The map is not dominated by the pins, but they are prominent enough to draw the eye where needed. The colours used for the London landscape are pleasing to the eye – brown earth, green parks, a light blue Thames, cream roads and brown buildings. It works well both as a map and as a poster print for the wall of any craft beer enthusiast.

You can buy the poster at the Blue Crow Media store.

Thanks for Blue Crow Media for sending through a review copy. The map is produced in conjunction with Desk Beers.

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