New Olympic Park Map


We featured the first official Olympic Park map at the beginning of the year, and it has already received an update which now includes pictures of the major buildings and locations of the sponsor marquees.

Now, the recently revamped London 2012 website includes an interactive map, with flags showing the various events taking place around London. The flags are overlaid on a Microsoft Virtual Earth map, the resulting effect is not particularly pretty but does serve to show the extent of Olympics-related activities taking place right across the capital.

In the Olympic Park area itself, the map has received an overlay, to hide Microsoft’s current rather bare representation of the area and superimpose the new buildings, bridges and walkways. The map reveals some detail additional to the previous two, such as the location of the Hockey warm-up facility, and the name of the bridge between the Copper Box and the Basketball Arena – Channelsea Crossing.

The map is © Crown Copyright and database right 2012 Ordnance Survey.

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