Mike Hall’s London Boroughs


Mike Hall, illustrator and designer, has been painstakingly creating large poster maps of each of the London boroughs, largely by hand. Each map has a different design and theme, drawing on the most famous aspects of the borough. He’s drawn eight boroughs so far and promises more are on the way. Above is the part of the Tower Hamlets map, you can see a thumbnail of the full map below.

I like the hand-written street names and that Mike has been careful to keep the map uncluttered by omitting the smaller lanes and alleyways where there is a lack of space. The green spaces are wonderfully illustrated with individual trees being tiled to indicate forested areas. Prominent buildings are shown in isometrically. Every part of the borough has had the same care and attention afforded to it.

The maps are available from purchase from his online shop. Thanks to Mike Hall for supplying the imagery & I look forward to my own borough being covered!


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