Summer 2012 Map


Next time you are passing through a station keep an eye out for a “London Summer 2012” map. It is a similar style to the “Why not Walk it Maps?” ¬†we featured previously, but covers most of central London and all the Olympic Park.



The maps feature key landmarks, the locations of Olympics related events (such as London Live) and shops, a selection of interesting museums and also more practical information such as public amenities, police stations and NHS walk in centres. The maps also include 6 discovery trails (round trips) to help explore different areas (such as the City; Spitalfields and Brick Lane; Regent’s Park; and the West End). Transport is also well covered and includes bus routes alongside points of interest to hopefully encourage people to stay above ground (no information on Barclays bikes though*).


Being a map-lover these could be the best (free!) Olympics souvenir I have spotted so far and I expect they will be a useful momento for Londoner’s and visitors alike.

*The cynic in me thinks this may be because Barclays aren’t an official sponsor.


  1. Thank you for posting map, I live in Wales and looking for a map to navigate the route to the Para/Oly I Its good to know I can pick them up free . Thank you again

  2. I run a B&B and have found the London 2012 Summer Olympics map to be the best for my guests, but sadly my stock has now gone.

    What would you suggest would be a good replacement (or do you know whether there’s anywhere to buy them now?)

    1. HI Alison, not that I know of, I’m afraid! Larger tube stations, e.g. Stratford, should however have pocket maps of the area around them, presented in the same style.

  3. We have a ‘used’ map from our visit to the Olympics in 2012 and found it exceptionally helpful. In September 2017 one of my boys will begin studying at King’s college, whilst his accommodation will be in Stratford. Is there any chance that we can obtain another copy of this excellent and informative map. I do hope so. Regards, Jim Sparks, Warrington, Cheshire. 23 August 2017.

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