London Cycle Map Wins Funding


Congratulations to Cycle Lifestyle, who have won £6000 in funding for “creating a colour coded Tube style map of the Capital’s cycling network” in the GeoVation Showcase event that took place last week at the Ordnance Survey. In all, three of the six winning projects were related to cycling.

Here at Mapping London we look forward to some new-style cycling mapping of London, to complement the Transport for London’s general cycling maps, the TfL Cycle Superhighway maps and Andy Allan’s OpenCycleMap.

Above is Simon Parker’s London Cycle Map, featured on the Cycle Lifestyle website.


  1. Hi. Map looks helpful, but I’m a bit of a novice to cycling routes and it would be useful to have a key here. What do the colour codes and the letters in the cycle route names represent? I can’t seem to link some of the routes back to the corresponding roads on a regular map 🙁

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