Grand Map of London: A New Map in an Old Style Jan09


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Grand Map of London: A New Map in an Old Style

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After featuring many very modern maps on Mapping London thus far, it was a pleasure to hear about the Grand Map of London, produced by a small bespoke mapping company called Wellington’s Travel. Their idea is to produce an up-to-date map of London, featuring the latest City skyscrapers and other modern landmarks, as well as the more traditional “Ye Olde” buildings in the capital. In essence, it is a new map but with a distinctly antiquated look to it. Notable buildings are drawn in an isometric 3D style (kind of like a pretty version of the Google maps 3D building outlines) while other built-up blocks appear as hand-drawn shaded areas. Rivers and parks have similar, watercolour-style detail added to them. The Shard (which isn’t even fully built yet) appears, beside a free-floating and “steaming” HMS Belfast. The overall pastel brown, green and blue shades of the map are pleasing to the eye. Could that be Boris on his bike near City Hall?

The Grand Map of London (2012 edition) is a product of three years of careful work by neo-traditional mapmakers Anna Butler and Taige Zhang and covers approximately the Zone 1 area of central London. It will be available as a hard copy, printed on cotton canvas and presented as a scroll, in Blackwells bookshops and Stanfords, in London, as well as on the Wellington’s Travel website.

Extract reproduced with kind permission from Wellington’s Travel.

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