London Underground Architecture & Design Map

I have to confess, there was a sharp intake of breathe when this map was unwrapped here at Mapping London towers. We are a big fan of tube maps (we even have a special page just for them) and we know you are too, so discovering a new one is always a bit of a thrill. This is a beautifully designed package, with a roundel-shaped hole cut in the textured card, revealing the glimpse of a tube map with the familiar Transport for London line colours but the lines looking distinctively different – this is a paper geographical tube map of London:

Using the famous “Johnston” font for the text throughout (note those diamond-shaped dots on the ‘i’s), and including a detailed description of some of the most architecturally interesting stations on the network, on the reverse, the map folds out to approximately A2 size, covering almost the entire network (Heathrow Terminal 5, Amersham and a couple of other outliers get cheekily omitted). An inset version shows the central London detail and includes a skeletal road network to put this section in context. The main map is presented on a simple white background with just the lines and stations, as well as the River Thames.

The map has been curated by Mark Ovenden, well-known transport historian and tube geek, who’s detailed notes about some of the stations make this much more than just a map:

Our favourite thing about this map is the paper it is printed on – lovely, grainy paper, and presented in that enticing roundel-adorned card envelope. The map inside arranges familiar colours and names into a different perspective and the notes on the reverse are full of interesting detail. You can get your own piece of tube map design from the publisher, Blue Crow Media, it’s on sale in their online shop for £9.

Thanks to Blue Crow Media for sending a review copy.


  1. Good to know that maps are still available on great feeling and quality paper at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing, Alastair Majury

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