Pac-Man on Google Maps!


So, we thought yesterday’s post on Google Maps for Mobile was the last time we’d be mentioning Google Maps for a little while, but then this happened. Google has managed to turn the entire world, including much of London, into a Pac-Man game. Or rather, lots of Pac-Man games. Go to Google Maps right now, zoom into an area of interest (which needs to have a decent number of streets or tracks), and click the little Pac-Man box on the bottom left. Your current view gets turned into a Pac-Man game! You even get the classic sounds if you then click the speaker icon on the top left. Now you can go play Pac-Man based on the street layout of your childhood neighbourhood, your university campus, the centre of the last city you visited on holiday…

If on mobile, the choices are more limited – you’ll need to zoom to the centre of a number of major cities rather than having free reign over most of the world. There are some clues in this help page, which also reveals that a Google red pin parker, and “Peg Man”, the Street View icon, are the top two “cherry” bonus objects that you might find.

Chances are, this “April Fools” gift is only going to be around until the end of April 1, so get playing!

Maps © Google and presumably Namco? Above: Trafalgar Square. Below: The Inner Circle of Regent’s Park. Wakawakwakawakwawaka!



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