Ultimate Tube Strike Survival Guide

With two rounds of Tube strikes set to upset your daily commute, here are a few maps to help make the most of not being Underground. First up here is an (unofficial) map from IanVisits that shows the lines that will be running a limited service.


With central London wiped out and the buses likely to be very busy, you can either walk between stations or cycle. Here is a walking map (produced for Nike by Ollie and I) that shows the best way to get between underground stations on foot. It gives the distance between stations and a rough idea of how many “Fuel Points” you could burn on the walk between them.


Cycling by Boris Bike will be quicker than walking, but get going early since Tube strike days have seen a huge amount of usage in the past (unless there is torrential rain). Use Ollie’s bike share map to see where the nearest stations are to you and whether there are any bikes available for use.



Before heading out by foot or bike check out RainToday? to see if you need an umbrella (or cycling cape).



And finally, if would prefer to stay at home see how well London is coping, check out UCL CASA‘s CityDashboard.




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