The Mapping London Christmas List 2014

We’d thought we’d put together a list of our favourite London map gifts that are in the shops, as last year‘s list proved popular.

1. London: The Information Capital

This brand new book by Mapping London co-editor James Cheshire, contains “100 maps and graphics that will change how you view the city” and it certainly is a book that sits at the intersection of London, mapping and data. It’s a book as much about data map design as it is about London, as it contains various innovative graphic techniques and map designs to show London’s data, old and new. From a time chart of activities of London’s police helicopter, through a colourful ribbon graphic of every census statistic across every part of London, to . We’ve featured a number of the graphics in previous posts too. The book’s RRP is £25 and it is currently selling like hot mince pies on Amazon and in various bookshops across London and beyond. (Full disclosure: I contributed a small number of the graphics in the book.)


2. Map of London’s Craft Breweries

Craft breweries have bring springing up in all corners of London recently, as the capital has acquired a taste for chilled, hoppy local brews rather than the big chains. Blue Crow Media have produced this lovely poster showing all the locations of the breweries, many of which have tap rooms open at certain times, where you can try out the beers, fresh! It’s £12.50 in their online shop. One craft brewery we particularly like is the Hammerton Brewery in Islington. Their beer is nice, and as a bonus, they have maps of London on their bottle labels!


3. Nairn’s London

There is a new reprinting of Nairn’s London, a 1966 classic, quirky guide to a London away from the tourist circuit. The Evening Standard describes it as “One of the best and oddest guidebooks to any city ever written.” The Diamond Geezer has been visiting several areas covered in the book this month. Buy it on Amazon for £7.


4. The Map of Spitalfields Life

We’re big fans of the many hand-drawn maps of the Shoreditch area by Adam Dant so reckon this fold-out map of Spitalfields would make a great stocking filler, particularly as it’s only £4 (+50p P&P to the UK).


5. Mike Hall’s Retro London Map

We only about this map just a few days ago, we really liked its understated colour palette and attractive fonts and the fact that it looks like a classic but is right up-to-date. You can buy it via Mike’s website (£63/£98 depending on size).


6. Old Folding Maps

These are brilliant reproductions of some of London’s most well known historic maps, reproduced on parchment-type paper for a high quality, olde wolde feel. Here’s Mogg’s Strangers Guide to London, for example. You can pick them up directly from the company (from £18 + P&P) or in a a range of places around London, including Stanfords in Covent Garden which has a large display dedicated to them. Look out for the vivid map cases.


7. London You’re Beautiful

This wonderful book depicts a year in London through the sketches and watercolours of David Gentlemen. It is a great book to dip into if you have a spare moment to fill. Buy it on Amazon for £14.

8. Secrets of the Underground

We all love the London Underground really. It stresses us out and delays us sometimes, but it’s full of history and quirks. Tube racer Geoff Marshall has been producing a number of short films on oddities of each line, and now he’s put them together in the form of a DVD, along with a few bonus bits. Buy it now from Londonist for £12 + P&P.


9. Our Prints: London North/South, Electric Tube, Population Lines

Finally, both Mapping London editors have created map-based prints in the last year or so. Ollie has designed two – London North/South and Electric Tube for £20 each, while James designed Population Lines which is currently on sale at £24. All the prints are limited edition, so only available while current stocks last.



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