The Back to the Future Set at Secret Cinema


[This was first published in 2014, however Mapping London was asked to remove this while the event took place, we have now republished it as the event is long past].

Biff’s House? Sycamore Street? Lou’s Cafe? This is a map of a place in London that existed during August and September 2014. It was the set design for Secret Cinema’s screenings (and audience immersive experience) of cult film Back to the Future, which took place during the summer in part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, near Stratford in east London. The main screen was at the town hall, shown on the right-hand side of the map. Cinema-goers first moved through various other places to experience recreations of locations and scenes in the film, before watching the film itself from on the grass in the main square (or from the appropriately angled Ferris wheel). The map came from the planning authority webpages, unfortunately the original is no longer online but you can click the image above for a larger version of the excerpt.

Discovered on the London Legacy Development Authority planning webpages while searching for something much more prosaic.


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