Maps on Bottles!


Maps appear everywhere! I only recently featured the Craft Brewery Map of London so I was pleased to discover today that one of the featured breweries, Hammerton, which has only been brewing for a few weeks, actually has a map on the label for one of their beers, “N7” (named after the postcode that the brewery is in.)

The map appears to be an extract from a small section of the A-Z, probably London’s most famous map (apart from the other one.)

Hammerton Brewery are tucked away behind Caledonian Road & Barnsbury station, and have an Open Day on Saturday. The area (which I lived in for a couple of years) is full of really great pubs too, so I look forward to the beers appearing on tap soon.

p.s. While researching this article I came across this rather lovely label for an unrelated beer, from the Austro-Bavarian Lager Beer Brewery in Tottenham, in 1884. It doesn’t have a map on it but does have an attractive graphic showing the brewery itself, which closed in 1903. The label is part of the British Library archive. Who said the British Library was just about books?

Photos in this article are from the Hammerton website.


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