Just the Letters


James previously featured a tube map made up of just names of the stations. He’s also featured other London typographic maps. Exploring a little further, it turns out there’s some other fine examples out there, often available as prints.

The screenshot above is part of a beautiful print by Ursula Hitz – the Greater London Type Map.

Below is a print from ORK posters, a City Neighbourhood Poster for the central London area. There is also a version that shows all the boroughs of London. My ideal version would be a hybrid one – showing the neighbourhoods for the whole of London! I do however like the clean and crisp typography, which makes the print slightly less “heavy” than the one above.

Both prints would look great in any carto-typophile’s apartment.

Screenshots included courtesy of the authors – top: © ursulahitz.com, above: ©2010 Ork Inc.

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