A New Map of London Peculiars


We were delighted to receive a copy of this rather brilliant new map from artist Julia Forte. It highlights the sort of things in the centre of London that you wouldn’t necessarily find in a standard guide book, but might well hear about in a pub quiz. In fact the descriptions of each item, on the back of the map, are worth memorising for the next time you are in a pub quiz team!

One example – the reason why a giant gleaming grasshopper is on top of the Royal Exchange at Bank is because this was the family emblem of the exchange’s founders.

You can buy a copy of the map, along with lots of other interesting things – ooh, vintage tube maps 🙂 – here.

Thanks very much to Julia Forte for sending in this map. Photo below by Gabrielle Ludlow on Flickr. Update 2022: Link to the creator’s website updated.



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